I have found, the greatest refrigerator storage container of all time.

Here is my storage container cupboard.



I’ve been to the kitchen store and hardware and Safeway and found dozens of styles of plastic containers with snap on plastic lids. I’ve recycled mayonnaise jars and pickle jars.

The plastic containers are not clear, are squat in shape, and the lids are flimsy and can tear with frequent use. Those are $3.99 for 3 of the 2 cup size, or a buck-thirty-three each, and they’re empty.

containers.jpg ziplok.jpg

The recycled glass jars are clear, but they neck down at the top and have screw-on lids that collect food bits, not to mention the two piece canning jar type lids, where the pieces get separated and the little disk rolls across the floor and under a counter. And often, you can’t get the labels off.

And then one day, Carol bought some jars of POM Tea, on special no doubt. The tea tastes good and is good for you, costs only $2.99 (2 for $5) and the jar is free.


The beauty of the POM Tea jar is that it is clear glass, has straight sides, has a snap on plastic lid, and by virtue of being tall, consumes only 6 square inches of precious shelf space for about two cups liquid.



BBQ sauce, congee, soup with noodles, bean soup


One thought on “Storage

  1. Also, glass jars are easier to clean and don’t leave orange pasta sauce residue and oils clung to it.


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