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Somewhat over 20 years ago I accepted an architectural position with Moshe Safdie in Jerusalem and found myself living alone for the first time in my life. Obliged to shop and cook for myself, I brought along a few tried and true recipes from home and — although I love cookbooks and own over 100 by now — I took along only two: James Beard’s Theory and Practice of Good Cooking and the Frugal Gourmet’s Three Ancient Cuisines.

Since most recipes are for four or six, I learned creative use of leftovers. Over time, I built up a repertoire of recipes, collected in a two ring Israeli binder, and called it eats4one. Upon returning home to the Boston area, I kept cooking for my wife and me and collecting and creating recipes for one or two people, with emphasis on ease of preparation and tasting good. In 1999, I finally got around to publishing eats4one and distributed it to friends and family; in my mind, a collection of recipes for good food that is so essential that one would want to cook them for oneself, alone, without anyone to impress.

For Christmas in 2005, son Eric gave me this website and I took eatsforone digital. Love it.

Marcus Rector: Architect from Columbus, practiced in Boston and Jerusalem, now on left coast in San Francisco and loving books, food, writing, film and the city. 1 wife, 2 sons, 3 sibs.

4 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. March 4, 2006
    To: Marc Rector
    From: Dennis Rieske
    I loved your web page. I will send you a full E-mail to your comcast.net address but I just wanted you to know that I finished our web page for our firm, developmentalre.com. Check it out. drieske@att.net


  2. Marcus,

    I’m thinking about writing a story about how farmers are going online and starting a literary movement of sorts. The Ladybug Letter is a great example. I’m a big Michael Pollan fan and his work inspired this. Since you posted a comment on the Ladybug site, I’d love to ask you why you like these kinds of sites.
    Please call me, or email me at your earliest convenience.


    Roger Sideman
    News Reporter
    100 Westridge Drive
    Watsonville, CA 95076
    (831) 761-7329


  3. Dear Marcus, I don´t know how it took me so long to find your website, but I am delighted to have stumbled upon it. I´m cooking for one and started a blog recently about cooking for one:


    I will definitely be trying out some of your recipes!



  4. Marcus,
    Have you thought of marketing the cap you are wearing in the photo on this page with the logo eats4one on the front?


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