5 Guys come to Reno

We got our car washed recently. Kietzke Lane is a major north-south street in Reno. McCarran circles the city. Hutch’s Car Wash is on a corner of Kietzke and McCarran “behind the Union Bank” in one of those tangled shopping areas that makes no sense.

They do a really nice job on our car and there’s always a coupon in the RGJ or one of those “deal envelopes” that get tossed in our driveway.

As we left Hutch’s, we ran smack into 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. We had heard that they opened in Reno, but didn’t know exactly where. Well, they’re in the same tangled shopping area.

It was about quarter to noon on Friday, so we just parked and walked in.

Big noisy place. We found a line on the left side of the room next to stacked bags of potatoes. One woman was taking orders, so the line did not move extra quickly. When we got to her, we found out why. There are choices.

Who knew they could do such a thing? I went into brain-lock trying to quickly decide what I wanted on my “Little Cheeseburger.” Meanwhile, Carol was in my ear saying “I want relish, mushrooms and steak sauce.” So I just ordered two like that (next time, I’ll do advance planning). I also ordered “Little Fries” and a medium drink. $15.53. I gave her a Twenty, she gave me $4.50 back and said, “the three-cents is on me.”

We’re number 41. While I got my drink, Carol went and found a table. Place was full at lunchtime, but the tables turned over enough, and the place is noisy enough that one doesn’t linger after eating.

Way more than 5 guys.

I went to a place by the counter to wait for my order. Things are pretty low tech… guy comes to the counter holding a bag in the air and hollers out the number. Be ready.

Lots more fries hiding behind the drink cup.

The bag has everything you need, Our “Little Fries” were in a little paper cup, but it looked like one of the guys had spilled a large into the bag. As we looked around at other people opening their bags… they all seemed to be like that.

This is the “Little Cheeseburger.” Just right for me. The “Cheeseburger” has two patties.

Burgers were good. Buns good. Tasted good. Not messy. Tasty. I would come back. Maybe we’ll develop a car wash and burger lunch routine.

2 thoughts on “5 Guys come to Reno

  1. We have a 5 Guys here in G’ville. Burgers are good (but they won’t do them med-rare), fries are good, nuts are good.


  2. It’s just about an hour and a half until dinner, and I didn’t have very much lunch. Boy, does that food look good? We don’t have a Five Guys franchise near us so I’ve never had the pleasure, but Jerry went to one with our grandson while visiting Columbus a few years ago. As I remember, there was something about free peanuts, and he thought their prices were high.

    Sounds and looks like you enjoyed your visit.


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