Yesterday afternoon, I had some beans soaking and Carol sent me a link to Epicurious bean salads… 23 of ‘em. After reading the first two or three, I said to myself, “They make them up just like I do.” So I stopped reading and put my Iacopi Farms prim mateca beans on to cook.

From there, I hit the refrigerator and pantry. So here’s what went in the bowl, roughly in order of quantity:

assembly of the bean salad

Iacopi Farms prim mateca beans
Bush’s canned black beans, drained
Steamed, grilled and chopped blue lake green beans leftover from yesterday’s steak dinner
Steamed, grilled and chopped Romano beans – likewise
Fresh chopped Cherokee purple tomato
Canned ripe olives, sliced
Chopped spring onion
Diced red bell pepper
Sliced cornichons
Canned Water chestnut, julienned

That was topped with Bumble Bee solid white Albacore tuna and garnished with Castelvetrano Olives and a Cheese Stick.
An olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and mustard vinaigrette dressed the salad.

bean salad served

I served Sun Gold tomatoes on the side. While they are bursting with flavor, I find the skins tough and annoying when mixed in with a salad. (Best to roast or grill them and the skins slip right off.)

That was so good, I had the bit left over for breakfast, with HB egg instead of tuna. Double YUM.

breakfast (Why the knife and no fork? Clean knife left from last night’s dinner.)

2 thoughts on “BEAN SALAD, YUM

  1. Sounds good. I’ve got some beans ready for a soak… I like Goya black beans in a can better than Bush’s (maybe the latter name lessens the taste and quality).


  2. Not your ordinary bean salad is it? Looks absolutely scrumptious. Love, love, love bean salad. Yours looks exceptional!

    As far as the tomato skins go, the quicky method I usually use is boil water in a measuring cup, remove from microwave, lightly score the tomato skin top and bottom, and slip the tomato in the hot water for about a minute….skin slips right off.


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