A New (for us) Farmers Market (continued)

You last saw our car, parked at the California Street farmers market, with no license plates. No doubt you’ve been itching to find out why. I can now tell you.

When one moves to Nevada, one has 30 days to get Nevada registration and license plates.

Loaded to move…

So the NV DMV took my 4MR CAR California plates away.

Not a bad number for “out of the drawer.”

The garden variety — out of the drawer — plate is the style on my scooter. Kinda boring if you ask me, flat painted, not stamped, and not very colorful. I had seen some dark blue and white plates around, and they look special. I found out they are — Circa 1982 Plates.  Each set has to be custom ordered. There is an extra fee, but over the life of the plate, not much.

I especially like the darkish plate against my rather dark grille.


6 thoughts on “A New (for us) Farmers Market (continued)

  1. Me Likee. Very cool…but why on Eats?


  2. Oops…
    forgot to link.
    Now linked.


  3. Love the dark blur plates as well and the SF ID on your scooter!


  4. For those of us not in the know…what is the significance of choosing “Mr Car” as your license persona, and how long have you been using it?


  5. MR CAR is a cool name, is (almost) all.



    Been using it since we first got vanity plates in California. MR CAR was taken, so we chose 4MR CAR. At the time (I think 2000) 4 was the ubiquitous “first number” on all CA plates issued (it is now 6). Trouble is, we were asked “What does ‘former car’ mean?” No matter, we’re clean now.


  6. Verrrry interesting. How clever to use an acronym of your names. Not everyone can do that.

    Loved finding out you have a 3-wheel scooter too. It looks like fun to drive.


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