eats goes on the road

Warsaw Krakow L’viv Kyiv


For reasons that will become clear, I have the opportunity to hit the road – or rather rails – in Eastern Europe. Never been. Never dreamed of it, but here it comes.

We – that would be Carol, son Brian and I – need to be in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 10th. That’s 10.10.10 for you numerology folks. Brian and I were thinking about the trip a few weeks back, standing by my big National Geographic Atlas in our front hall. Brian has been. He traced a route from Kiev to L’viv, the first capitol of Ukraine, on to Krakow, Poland and described the cities as being beautiful and steeping with history. Good enough for me… I know nothing.

As the time neared and dates were considered, we reversed the trip:

Fly to Warsaw, which is remarkably easy from San Francisco (remarkably long, as well). Take the train to Krakow, stay a few days; train to L’viv for a couple days and on to Kyiv. Sounds like a plan.

Needless to say, I’ll be eating and drinking and writing and taking pictures, so sometime in late October something good – or at least interesting – will appear on eats. In the meantime, I’m limited to rather pedestrian electronic and communication equipment and will be out of touch, as they say. Although son Brian tells me I can email from Carol’s iPad where we find wifi.


4 thoughts on “eats goes on the road

  1. F*cking swesome! I’ve always wanted to take a ground trip thru E Europe, but w/o someone with local knowledge…and you have that in Brian! Have a great time! Keep us connected!


  2. Just back from China – longer flight! Carol and I took a bus back from Moscow to Wurzburg (Germany) through Warsaw, Krakow and Prague. I envy you this trip – keep us informed.


  3. This just in:
    I knew that both Russian and Ukrainian are spoken in Ukraine and the languages are quite similar.
    I learned from my Lonely Planet Ukraine guidebook that Ukrainian is the Official language. Kyiv is the Ukrainian spelling for the city, and thus preferred. Kiev is the Russian spelling.


  4. This sounds like an awesome trip. I hope you built in a time expander since I am sure you will want to spend more time than planned.

    Stay safe!!!! Alan & Tillie


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