Equipment Essentials

Equipment Essentials

  • Big Le Creuset pots for roasting and simmering, plus a brand new 5Q cast iron pot
  • Good, sharp knives and a steel

Favorite Things

Le Creuset 8 inch
8-inch Le Creuset enameled cast iron skillet. I use this for everything-for-one; from flipping an egg or two over easy to searing a piece of ham or fish or whatever. Got it free at the Le Creuset outlet in Gilroy because I bought two pots

Braun MultiMix with chopper, mixer, and blender attachments. It’s the perfect size for small batch stuff, doesn’t take up a lot of space for storage and is easy to clean.

Krups Countertop Convection Oven

After over 12 years, our DiLonghi Toaster-Oven just up and quit. Our new KRUPS is a dream. The big advantage over the DiLonghi is that the broiler function actually works. We use it for toast, small roasts, meatloaf, casseroles… anything that will fit in a 10×7 baking dish, as well as plate warming. Not only that, its big enough to hold a 12 inch pizza!


This is a fabulous strainer. Its eight inches square so it fits nicely in the sink. It has just the right size holes and little legs, so it drains freely.
I bought it just before Christmas last year at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art store. I haven’t seen it anywhere else and SFMOMA no longer has it.
On the back, under the handle, it says “Joseph Joseph/design by morph” I went Googleing and finally found it on a British mail order website. I don’t know where to get it in the US, but I’ve got mine.

w_hip_pocket_books“HIP POCKET” NOTEBOOKS

I always carry a Moleskein notebook in my hip pocket so I can make notes about what I see, feel, taste. Much better than scraps of paper, because when I make a note, I know where to find it. (the “E” book was for our last trip to Europe.)

Written Essentials

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