Crepinettes with smoke.

Duck Crepinettes from Fatted Calf

I’ve done Crepinetts on my Weber Q and the EGG a few times now… On the Q, I preheated to at least 400°F, turned off the middle burner and cooked 8 minutes per side over the (off) middle burner. On the EGG, cook at about 400°F, 8 minutes per side. The Caul Fat holds the moisture in and they turn out perfect every time.

That EGG is smokin’

Today, I tried my EGG with smoke for the first time. I took two hands-full of Jack Daniel’s wood chips and soaked in the little blue bucket for about 90 minutes.Made a direct fire in the EGG and brought to 400°F… drained the wood chips and threw them on the charcoal fire. Much smoke immediately. Put on the grate, and added the oiled Crepinettes and closed the EGG adjusting to hold the temps at 400.
At 8 minutes, I turned the crepinettes and put on yellow beans that had been steamed for 10 minutes.

“Smoke gets in your eyes…”

At 16 minutes I shut down the grill…

served and ate that fine smoked food. What we have here is a whole new flavor treat. YUM.
Sadly, I’ve run out of crepinettes. Fatted Calf promises to start shipping soon. If I can’t wait, I’ll just have to make a San Francisco trip. Let’s see, what other foodie goodies do I need?

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