caramelized onions

Hebrew National hot dogs over onions, grill roasted potatoes

These are caramelized onions hiding beneath grilled hot dogs. If I cooked the onions on the stove, I would go low-and-slow for 30 minutes to an hour, watching and stirring to get them just right. I did these on my Salt ROX in about six minutes — could have gone eight — and I didn’t have to worry about them burning because the ROX maintains an even temperature and holds the moisture that comes out of the onions.

I wouldn’t caramelize onions this way for something serious like a tart or onion dip or onion soup; but to languor under a hot dog… perfectomente.

You remember my swell Salt ROX, don’t you? Since I first got it and used it, I’ve been trying all manner of stuff. There’s the regular grillables —  stuff like burgers, Crepinettes. And the grillable fishes; sockeye salmon and swordfish steak.

grilled “dover” sole

Holy smokes… I even grilled “dover” sole (not the real Dover sole, found in Europe, but what the supermarket calls any sole caught in the north Pacific). Anyway, its a very thin fillet one could never put on an actual grill.

Then there was the quail and the spinach that I already wrote about.

Shrimp and artichokes

Shrimp and artichokes are good, too.

The first of June, I moved my Q grill from the front porch, where it was sheltered to the back yard. And I “perminately” installed the salt ROX on the side so I can grill on the grill surface and the ROX at the same time.

Lovely back yard sun.

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