Freezer up!

We moved into our swell flat on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 1992. It was built in 1935, the last on the west side of Russian Hill after the earthquake and fire. Swell in every way — including a parking space in the garage — but the refrigerator in the remodeled kitchen was 30 inches wide with a freezer on top. Not swell.

We lived with that until 2003. Enough. No space to put away tomato sauce and other stuff I make in season to enjoy later. I went out and bought an “undercounter” freezer at Sears. Carried it home in the back of the SAAB. We didn’t really install it under the counter, but beside the counter with a microwave on top. That was a huge improvement, quadrupling our freezer space.

There’s the freezer on the left.

Last year we moved to Reno and bought a six-year old house. Wow. The space provided for the refrigerator was big enough for a double door refrigerator with a freezer drawer under. We went out and bought one of those puppies, relegating our “undercounter” freezer — still useful — to the garage.

Our new Reno fridge.

Undercounter freezer in garage with car.

Trouble is, it got so we dreaded using it. It was on the rather cold garage floor and we had to get on hands and knees to look in and get stuff out. And if the car was in the garage, the open freezer door just scraped by the front bumper — unless we parked an inch or two too far in.

One day, on my knee trying to fish out some sausages, a pound of ground beef and a ham steak came sliding out and rattled onto the floor; the ham steak slid under the car. Damn!! (I might have said.) Frustrated, I rolled back my head and gazed skyward… nothing up there but the garage ceiling. But wait, there’s nothing above the “undercounter” freezer. Why not lift the sucker up??? I can put it at eye level. Sounds like a plan.

Freezer up!!!

Hey… frozen food at eye level. What a concept.

3 thoughts on “Freezer up!

  1. Hi Marcus, glad you worked out that problem! Hope you’re having fun in Reno. We at Embarcadero Automotive miss you, and your SAAB 🙂


  2. Always room for home improvement!


  3. I’m catching up on my emails. We were recently visiting various family in the “Atlantic states” corridor (NJ, VA, NC). Great trip!

    After the fact you are probably wondering why you didn’t think of this sooner!!! I’ve considered a [small] garage refrigerator for soda, beer, wine, items. They take up too much space in my frig. But it gets so HOTTTTT, in the garage in the AZ summer, I’m afraid it would overtax and quickly shorten the motor life.

    By the way, don’t you just love your double door, freezer on the bottom refrigerator? I know I do!! Mine was my birthday present last year.


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