How beautiful izzat?

That’s what I call Sunday Breakfast.

Eggs from Hadji Paul at Garden Shop Sunday Farmers Market (Outdoors today!!)

Radishes from Garden Shop Sunday Farmers Market.

Pickled Golden Beets from Great Basin Coop, roasted and pickled by yours truly.

Sugar Snap Peas from Safeway inna bag. (Oh, well.)


4 thoughts on “How beautiful izzat?

  1. That iz most beautiful……That’s what I call a medley of color!! How could you not have a good day after feasting your eyes and your belly on that!

    Lucky for you to have so many farmers markets nearby!


  2. Bobbi,
    Only one farmers market in the winter with the egg lady, a hydroponic vegetable guy (radishes and Swiss chard), a jam and sauce lady, a beef jerky guy, and sometimes a frozen meat guy. But Reno is a pretty good food town if you look around. The Great Basin Food Coop is good.
    The summer farmers markets will start around the first of June, depending on the weather.


  3. Again with the perfect hard cooked eggs. How does that happen? Didn’t your thesis about cooking eggs remark about fresh egg won’t peel?

    Not only izzit beautiful, it looks incredibly healthy and delicious.


    • Pam,
      Those were winter eggs. Now its Spring. But I take two other precautions; let the eggs to be boiled sit on the counter for at least a day. Salt the water (mildly).


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