A New (for us) Farmers Market

How ‘bout a pair…

peas and pods on table

I cannot resist taking this picture — peas and pods — I’ve done it nearly every spring when the peas come in, by my count. This one is different, though, it’s on our newish dining table — another story — and the peas were purchased at the California Street Saturday Farmers Market in Reno.

In the previous edition of eats… (Some Fine Grilled Chicken) I said, “[Pictures next time, I promise.]” Well, this is next time, and here’s a picture.

that car has no plates — another story…

Prime time parking space nestled between the ubiquitous Nevada pick-ups and SUVs. Guy on the left said, “Cute little red car y’got there.” I said, “We like it.”

The big Farmers Market in Reno closest to our house is just south of downtown on California Street. It occupies the edge of the CVS Pharmacy strip center parking lot.

Its a nice market. A double row of stalls stretches on a few hundred feet and finally  and appropriately bumps into The House of Bread — an actual bakery in the shopping center making breads, cakes and pastry (sorry, no french or Italian).

We got a loaf of brown bread — it’s way good toasted — I had them slice it for me.

what color are your tomatoes?

“Mine are all red,” said Carlee in the green shirt, “and I have peaches and cherries, as well.”

Oh my, some nice English peas. I cannot pass those.

This stall is so orderly it doesn’t look like food, so I passed it by.

Passed by this stall with yellow corn, as well. Make an effort, mate.

Here is the white corn we bought… it is so sweet and fresh and chars up nicely on the grill.

We’re on the home stretch.

Flowers are a good way to complete one’s market trip. These are very colorful and seasonal.

And finally, some of the stuff we brought home.

Cherries, sweet onions, tomatoes, peaches, red and white potatoes, bok choi, English peas, red, yellow and green cherry tomatoes. White corn is not pictured. What’s missing from the market? Any other potato varieties; and most of the heirloom vegetables that I’ve grown used to. The artichokes are the HUGE globe variety… similar with the broccoli and cauliflower. But what we got will keep us nicely and happily fed for a week.

But what about those peas?

For that you’ll have to wait for the next installment, which might be called, “July Peas” or might not.


But wait… There’s more.

We also have a local Wednesday Market at the Somersett Town Center, a little over 4 miles from home (that’s like 4 blocks in Reno scale). It runs from 4 to 8pm and is smaller than the California street market, but has a Grilled Cheese Food Truck, fruit and vegetable stalls, and market/garden related goods.

So here we are at the Somersett Market at opening time, 4:00. It’s HOT and bright.

here’s the Wednesday vegetable guy

and the fruit lady across the aisle

moving on, we encounter the citrus and fruit guy

At this point, the market devolves into non-food offerings…

This is only the third week of this year’s operation. I hope that other food merchants will recognize the opportunity and come on in. The market space fits the center courtyard of the Town Square very well.

some whimsy in the garden accoutrements stall

At the end of the courtyard is The Bread Basket offering preserves, jams and the like.

In previous weeks, an egg lady, offering pasture raised eggs, has been here, but she’s not here today. She’s very enthusiastic and said she sells at other markets in Reno, as well as the Coop, but I need eggs today. Phooey. Maybe its too hot for the chickens.

We’re on our way out. Here you can get an idea of the quality of the space. All we need are food folks to fill it.

We have now experienced two Farmers Markets in Reno. They certainly fill some of my needs — I would never buy a peach or a tomato in a supermarket — but they do not offer much in the way of variety. You say I’m spoiled by the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco? You bet I am. But I’m happy to find that Farmers Markets exist in Reno and they are pretty good.

See you next Saturday.

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  1. When are you going to tell us about the “missing” license plate?


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