When Carol’s Retirement story was published, so many asked, “Now what will Carol do?”

“I’m going to RENO !” she said.

That’s not news. Since Brian moved there, we go to Reno three or four times a year to visit Brian and Natasza — or just to go. We like Reno. The difference this time — we’re not coming back… we bought a house in Reno.

Here’s the deal:

A freshly minted Ensign in the Navy in 1962, I was stationed in San Diego. Anticipating a transfer “back east,” that summer Carol and I took a driving trip to Disneyland, San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas. That was our first visit to Reno. I remember getting a flat tire on the long causeway across the flats leading to Sacramento. When we left our Reno motel, I backed the car into a tree. Why return to that wretched place?

But the years rolled off the clock and in May, 2009. Carol and I went to Reno to meet a real estate agent and scout houses for son Brian. We stayed at Peppermill. WOW.

Brian was being transferred from his job as an research entomologist for the Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research Unit of the USDA in Montpellier, France to a similar position in Reno, NV, USA. Brian bought a house and moved in that August. Since, we’ve visited many times and grew to like the place.

Reno has seasons. It can be darned cold in the winter, but when it snows, the snow goes quickly as there’s often some welcome warming sun during the day. Summer days can be hot — it’s a dry heat, as they say — but since it’s high desert, it cools off at night. I experienced a similar climate during my nearly two years in Jerusalem.

This year, we went to visit Brian for Christmas. Driving into Reno, we saw a billboard by I-80, “Sierra Canyon, A Del Webb +55 Community.” Carol said, “That might be worth a look.” We looked on Christmas Day, went back three days straight and made an offer on a house before we left Reno. WOW, again.

9135 Spruce Creek Court

We’ve lived in San Francisco, in the same perfect flat, for almost exactly 20 years. In April 1992, I moved — along with some furniture — and started work in SF. Carol joined me with the balance of our furniture in August, after finishing up at her school in Newton MA.

Our flat on Union Street, Russian Hill, San Francisco is fabulous. It’s so convenient for all the things we like to do. We can walk to Polk Street, Cow Hollow, the Marina and North Beach. The 45 bus passes through Chinatown and Union Square and goes on to ATT Park and the Giants. We love living in the City. But Union Street is steep, and there are 14 terrazzo steps to our flat. Hey, it’s good exercise, but we are 20 years older. If one of us should fall or just get a joint out of joint, we’d be in a fine pickle.

We like the way we can easily use inside/outside at Brian’s house. Our new house is on one level with no steps, our back patio faces North for the shade. Our front porch faces South for the sun and a swell view of the Sierras. I’ll be able to cook a lot more on the grill. Maybe get a Big Green Egg just like Mark and Jannie’s.

back yard

front porch

We won’t have our beloved Giants at ATT Park — though we can get all their games on the TV. We will have the Reno Aces, a AAA team in their own new and swell ballpark. We’re already members of the Great Basin Food Coop.

Aces "cap day" on the "club level" (actually a restaurant overlooking the ball park)

after some eats, we moved to our seats

Our move date is not until the first week of June, so I’ll be around here packing and cooking and trying to work in some writing. Sure, we’ll miss the action and activity of the city, but as I said to Carol when we looked at “The Tahoe” Model Home at Sierra Canyon, “Hey, this is like being on vacation.”

13 thoughts on “MOVIN’ ON

  1. Well, that party sounded just great!! After 20 years of your hard labor! it’s nice to know all appreciated your efforts to make such a great school Where did the time go!!
    Wonderful to know that soon you’ll be settled in your new environment near Brian and the house looks just perfect. Nothing like that around here in Newton. I have been researching a move for the last year; looking at condos, independent living, assisted living etc.. In order to find a 55 condo development we have to go west beyond Rt. 495 and since we want to stay in Newton for sure where the condos are essentially high riise buildings or part of a two family house, we have decided to stay here. We are both really invested in the area and now want to be near good hospitals.Soooooo we are down sizing 54 years of accumullated stuff and wonder how and why we accumulated so much. Guess we should have moved more. Decided to fix this house up , new ceililngs, painting etc. so should we have a crisis we can put house on the market. Of course we still have NH and love going there but thinking within a few years we will pobably need to make a change there as well. Downsising there too!!
    Dewey attended many conferences in a Reno Casino hotel, I was always too busy to go there. The last year before the hotel property turned into condos I couldn’t go due to knee replacement. Well, perhaps our next time out west we might just pay you a visit. We have joined a new organization here called Newton At Home; for people who want to stay in their hown home/community but with some help if and when needed. A movement was started here in Boston (Beacon Hill Movement Time magazine) about 12 years ago and now it’s taken off in many areas; perhaps where you’ll be too. One acitivity I did just this week thru NAH was to join the International Cuisine Class at Newton South to share recipes and other cooking related things. Was great; the kids have invited us to a luncheon they will prepare for us. So many exciting things happening in our schools. You’ve probably heard that Newton South has had a huge addition put on a few years ago, like a college campus there. Now both igh schools about the same size.
    I’m still walking with 1 crutch, complications from hip surery but managing with lots of help from Dewey and hoping things will improve. Just spent a long weekend with Eric & Ed at their Washington Depot,CT. estate where everything is perfect and going to Robin & Tom’s next weekend where everything is moe relaxed for Mother’s Day to help paint the 2 new French doors they had installed. We’re leaving now for NH at 4 pm to work on getting our sail boat ready for sale. Remember when you sailed with ius on that cold day??
    Keep in touch, we’ll be looking forward to hearing of you move. Hi to family.
    Dewey still working, can’t afford to get paid as company just making it, but happy keeping the brain exercised.


  2. A good story. Life ‘s changing adventures are wonderful. Go Marc and Carol!


  3. Marcus,
    I’m happy that you are happy about your move. But Reno? Oh, so desolate!



  4. You’ve had a series of 20 year stops in your life: Columbus, Boston, and SF. I bet you will find 20 years of stuff to explore in Reno and the Sierra region.


  5. Marc and Carol–We lived in Fallon for a while in the early 70’s. Not far from Reno. Loved the area and Reno– Best library system and always something to do. Desolate??? No, Beauty can be found anywhere if you take the time to look.


  6. So exciting to read about your upcoming change. Don’t pay any attention to those people “bad mouthing” Reno. Jerry & I heard the same type of comments when we decided to take a trip to India a few years ago. India was fantastic. I’m so happy for both of you.

    Life comes at you fast sometimes. Enjoy.


  7. Just checking,,,are the Reno Aces an A’s farm team?


  8. Actually, the Aces are a D’Backs farm team, but I don’t like to think about that. I think of them as just the Reno Aces (don’t like anything about the D’Backs).


  9. Bro

    Never thought it would happen! Carol and I visited Reno in the 80s on a junket to some national parks and a Germany reunion in Las Vegas though not much sticks in the memory. Now we’ll have to visit again. As you know, I’m a minor league baseball junkie – been to lots of minor league parks on my travels and have one of the best – based on Fenway – right here in Greenville. Can’t wait for my first trip to see the Aces and enjoy some backyard BBQ.

    Congrats on the move!



  10. I will miss your futon in SF. I have no customers (or prospects) in Reno. Guess I’ll have to pay for a trip on my own. That sucks. Good luck! Love and kisses. T


  11. Well, guess you’re moved!! Must be a great feeling having all that downsizing work behind you. Enjoy your new house on one floor with mountain views all around. Now you can relax every am, and read the paper over coffee!!
    Next trip east save some time ( after you visit us) to eat at Tarry Lodge on 18 Mill St. Greenwich CT. Restaurant owned by Lidia Bastianich’s son. Our whole family met friends there the day after x-mas, about 1 1/2 hous from Eric’s, a great place with terrific food!
    Spoke with Patrice the other day, they had just started summer program…..I’m sure you remember those days. Marion’s son is geting married this weekend. He’s the one who went to lBoston Latin, now a young lawyer.


  12. Can’t wait to see it! Love the room with a view. On another note, Cabrera is back and kickin’ butt as is Belt (2 home runs!!!). Hope you plan a trip down to include a game. Miss you big time. xoxo Sarah


  13. I found your story on line. Wanted to introduce myself, I am in escrow on 9165 Spruce Creek Court. We will be neighbors. I will be living there with my 85 year old Mother and looking forward to all the activities and new friends we will meet. Watch for us, hoping to be moving on June 24th.
    People seem so happy there, can’t wait to be a part of it.
    Take care. Anxious to meet you.


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