Another heavenly black cod

I wrote about Siren SeaSA and Black Cod back in September.

Here we are in January and Anna supplied Black Cod again for a stew as hearty and complex as the Hacked Soux Vide was pure and simple.

Still sitting at the table, I wrote down my observations because I knew I would be writing about this marvelous dinner on eats… even though Carol did the actual cooking. (Hey — it’s Saturday, C likes to cook on the weekends, and besides, this dish doesn’t use a chopped onion, a process that drives C into a teary frenzy.):

“The pristine, sweet, white, velvety fish as a counterpoint to the rich picquent sauce and earthy potatoes is purely heaven in a bowl.”

So… guess what? This post is about Black Cod and Chorizo Stew.


Here’s what Anna had to say:

It’s rainy! Finally! My reaction to the first big storm of the season is to crank up my fire, put on some good music, and cook cozy food. The past few Tuesday nights I have had my dear friend Emily over to my house to test out recipes for Siren… We were testing out this stew with the impending rainstorm on our minds, and I had the very strong suspicion that it would taste even better when it was actually raining. Being a scientist at heart, I needed to test my hypothesis. I gave a healthy portion of Black Cod and Chorizo stew to some fish plant buddies this afternoon as it was starting to pour. Raves. Freak outs. Marriage proposals. Either I’m a real charmer, or this stew is GOOD.

So Carol and I heartily agree. The recipe says it serves 4, but we two had it for dinner Saturday and leftover last night and there is still enough for a generous lunch for me.

You can get the recipe on the SIREN SeaSA website. It’s so simple to make, that I have no tips or tricks to share. Just make sure your fish is fresh and fine.


Enjoy. And pray for rain. We surely did.

2 thoughts on “Another heavenly black cod

  1. Again…nice! The seafood we can get is either crap, or horribly expensive. We usually buy the crap and doctor it up…


  2. Sounds awesome, as usual. I’m thinking some tortilla chips and salsa would complement this dish.


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