Perfect Grilled Dinner

…except for the oops.

Wednesday, I got together a perfect dinner for the grill:


Marinated pork brochette from Fatted Calf,
New potatoes from Marquita Farm,
Romano Beans from Iacopi Farm and
a lovely spring onion.

When I lit the grill, it caught rather slowly, I just closed the lid and went in the kitchen to finish prepping the vegetables. But I had this nagging thought… “could I be out of gas?”

The timer went off at 15 minutes to signal the grill is hot and I went to the back porch only to find the grill temperature about 250°F, not the 600 it should be. No panic, just get out the cast iron.

I got the gas grill because it takes less time for the fire to be ready, and clean-up is way easier than charcoal. Conversely, it’s not as aesthetically swell and unlike charcoal, you cannot tell when you run out of fuel. For the first couple years, I kept a log of when I used the grill, so I’d know when I was nearing the tank’s 20 hour capacity. That was cumbersome, and I gave it up.


Pork and onions and beans will cook nicely in the cast iron grill pan, just fry the potatoes in the cast iron skillet.


Except for the grill pan throwing off some serious smoke, that worked fine. It ain’t the same as grilling and we could tell, but that pork — I’m not sure how or in what it was marinated — was fabulous. Just goes to show… start with good stuff.


Y’know, sometimes I’m inclined to write about a meal just because the pictures are good (not to mention that the meal was good). That might be the case here.

One thought on “Perfect Grilled Dinner

  1. Yo, Dad — I’m not a propane guy, but even I know the trick for checking the propane level of a tank: dribble a cup of very hot water on the side of the metal tank. The part above the propane level will evaporate quickly, but the propane in the tank will quickly cool down the water that’s below the propane level, so you will see a wet tank only up to the propane level.


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