Beans 'n' Eggs

Sunday Breakfast
My waking dream was about breakfast; an egg poached in tomato sauce. But there wasn’t enough left of the nice thick Tuscan Sugo I had made during the week. Keep the egg, substitute baked beans. I’ll have an egg poached in baked beans… Carol usually has a can of Bush’s baked beans in the pantry.

Sunday breakfasts aren’t like other breakfasts. On Sunday, I get up, have a glass of V8 and go someplace beautiful to write in my journal while Carol does her toilette and has her breakfast. Back home, I took a shower, got dressed and looked for a can of beans.

No beans. Dang all. The urge is strong. I need some snacks for the NFL Wild Card games as well, which are about to start. I’ll go to Safeway right now.

In the car at 10am, back in the kitchen at 10:30 with beans, Cheez-It, water, Spicy and regular V8 juices and some nuts. The Chiefs and Ravens are still in the first quarter with no score.
Ready, set, cook.

be_skillet-egg-bread-beansHere we have my Le Creuset cast iron non-stick skillet over a medium-low flame, a square of buttered bread, a Marin Sun Farms egg and that just-purchased can of Bush’s Smokehouse Tradition Grilling Beans.

be_fry_breadPut the bread in the skillet, buttered side down and let it fry a bit.

be_add_beansSpoon some beans into the skillet around the bread.

be_add_eggWhen the beans are nice and bubbly, slide the egg on top of the bread. This was trickier than I expected… the bread wanted to float. I held it down with a tablespoon, slid the egg into the bowl of the spoon and slipped the spoon out. Cover the skillet.

be_cook_eggCook for about two-minutes and cooks up nicely but the yolk remains all nice and runny.

be_eat_beansEat those beans and that egg with the remainder of the bread slice, toasted. That’s just what I dreamed about. Yum.

4 thoughts on “Beans 'n' Eggs

  1. Now that’s just good eatin’! Surprisingly enough, the football that day was worthy of such a meal…


  2. GEEZUZ…awesome breakfast. Where is the bacon or ham bits? Otherwise perfect. I’ll have to try it this w/e!


  3. Your creativity continues to astound me! My hubby would look at this and calll it goop and glop and refuse to partake. He almost starved to death when we went to India last year. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Beans, eh? The tomato sauce – especially if ‘chunky’ would be preferred, but I’ll have to try it.

    My fave is browned corned beef hash with an egg poached on top. Now that’s – as Alton Brown would say = good eats.



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