carrots x 3 + peas + meat

good enough to eat.
I made this dinner back in fresh English pea season, but then got involved with going to Kyiv and so on. Here I am today ready to publish because the colors are so fresh and beautiful.

Here are the peas and carrots on the plate surrounding a Fatted Calf Duck Crepinette with Figs and Walnuts.

The peas shelled and ready to go. I hold the big bowl in my lap on the couch with the measuring cup in the bowl. As I shell the peas, they go in the cup, the shells in the bowl. Very tidy.


The carrots are from the Mariquita Farm Mystery Box. They often have multicolored carrots. They all taste pretty much like carrots.


I figured if I cut the carrots about the same size as the peas, they would cook in about the same time. I don’t mind if my carrots are on the crunchy side, but I don’t want my peas on the crunchy side.


Dinner is cooking. That’s not too exciting.


The eating is good.

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