Flounder with Mustard

w_rayes_stackSon Eric and Alison in Maine sent six jars of Raye’s mustard for Christmas. They swear by this mustard. Of course those Mainers stick together.

Being grateful, I fired off an email thank you which precipitated a lively dialog.

Me — So the catcher sez to the pitcher, he sez, “Nice pitch, but put some mustard on it!” We now have no lack of mustard.

E — You are welcome. Not sure if we’d sent you Rayes before. But it’s still my favorite mustard in the world. I sent it ahead of Xmas so you could plan for some mustard-centric courses for Christmas dinner.

Me — Do you have suggestions for mustard centric dishes?

E — How about Fra Mani sausages n stuff? Especially some Boudin Blanc for Xmas?  Knockwurst? How about smoked salmon for the sweeter mustard? How about corned beef? Ham and cheese sandwiches?

Me — I was thinking something exotic like a mustard crusted roast or something.

E — Use your weak west coast mustard for crusts. Use this mustard when you want to take a flavor and turn it up to 11…

Well, it was getting close to dinnertime. I had some nice flounder fillets and jars and jars of mustard. In spite of his advice, I Googled “mustard crusted” and got all kinds of results for salmon, pork, beef and so on. I took the concept of a couple of the salmon dishes and started dinner. It surely wouldn’t take long.


I started by putting the fillets on parchment paper on the Countertop Convection Oven baking sheet, oiled them up and sprinkled them with salt, pepper and herbs d’ Provence. Preheated the CCO to 375°F on regular bake.

Next, I generously slathered on Raye’s Brown Ginger mustard and sprinkled fresh bread crumbs over the fish. That went in the oven for about 10 minutes until the flounder was tender and lovely.  It wasn’t crusted so much as dressed with the mustard.

I served the flounder with lard fried fingerling potatoes and sauteed cauliflower leaves.


One thought on “Flounder with Mustard

  1. You want crusted, don’t used fresh bread crumbs. Use stale and grind them up a lot finer.


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