Sunday Breakfast

Carol and I religiously eat dinner together at the dining room table. As for other meals, it’s catch as catch can – we each prepare what we want when we want it and eat at the kitchen table. She’s a sandwich person, I’m not; I tend toward soup or anything made in a skillet.

Sunday morning, I had a hankering for eggs poached in some kind of tomato sauce. That’s a good start. Although I have various homemade tomato sauces in the freezer, none were ready to go.

I did have a can of Progresso Vegetable Classics Tomato Basil Soup in the drawer. That’s pretty good for use as tomato sauce, thick and tomatoey.

I got out some celery to chop into the soup, but with the refrigerator door open, spied some excess fava beans that I had shelled and blanched for a lamb stew. Even better.

I got out the eggs and put two in a bowl of hot tap water. That will warm them up a bit… it doesn’t seem right to put cold eggs into hot sauce.

favas in one bowl, shells in another

favas in one bowl, shells in another

Put a small skillet on the stove over medium high heat, and when it was pretty hot, covered the bottom with olive oil, added the favas and cooked a bit, tossed and cooked a bit more.


Next, I added about half the can of tomato soup, got it simmering, and cooked at a good simmer for three minutes, both to cook the favas and thicken the soup a bit.


One day, for some reason, I bought these nice, round, metal things – I think they’re called cookie cutters, but I use them mainly to contain and shape foods in a skillet. Here, I used the small and medium versions to contain the eggs while poaching.

Somebody on some Saturday morning cooking show that Carol was watching, said to crack eggs on a cutting board. What a revelation! I don’t know why, but the eggs crack in a way that makes them easy to open. Thank you Lady on That Cooking Show.


So… Crack the eggs into the round metal things, cover and poach for two minutes until the whites are cloudy and cooked, take off the lid and turn off the heat. Serve in a shallow bowl.


I wasn’t too careful with the presentation, but dang all, it sure tasted good.

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