au natural

The last week in February, I found the first asparagus from the Sacramento River Delta, the best in the world, at the farmers market.

A few stalls down, there is Coho Salmon. It’s not wild salmon from just off our coast, that will come in a couple of months, but it is wild and will do for now.

So, what’s for dinner?


Salt, pepper and drizzle with your good olive oil. Pop in the toaster-oven at 450 degrees for abut 8 minutes.

Salt, pepper and drizzle with your good olive oil. Get a non-stick skillet good and hot. Put in the salmon presentation side down and leave it alone for about three minutes. Turn—or if you want to show off—flip it. Cook until it looks, feels, done. Plate it.


That’s all folks. In under ten minutes, it’s dinner. Yum.
A note on storing fresh asparagus.
When you get home, cut off the bottom half inch of the bunch. Put the bunch in a tall container, add about an inch of water, pull a baggie over the top and secure it with a rubber band. Store it in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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