Sirloin Tip


This is a picture of a sliced sirloin tip with baby mustard greens and sliced radishes. Ummm good.

I wanted to cook the sirloin tip like a steak. I’ve done Hanger steaks, guided by Anthony Bourdain’s Onglet Gascon recipe in his excellent Les Halles Cookbook, and finished them in the oven while making a pan sauce. Those are up to one inch thick at their thickest, and I’ve gone with his times — two minutes a side to brown and 5 minutes in the oven for rare, 8 minutes for medium rare. For this meal, I didn’t bother with a pan sauce. [Anthony Bourdain does this dish with bone marrow, as well as the hanger steak, but I left that out, too.]

My meat, Sirloin Tips from Marin Sun Farms; two hunks of meat about 2 inches at their thickest, tapering to about an inch, were more like small roasts than steaks, weighing a little over a pound, total. I browned them in butter in the cast iron skillet for about 2 minutes a side and finished in a roasting pan in the toaster oven at 400 degrees until the internal temperature reached 130 degrees, about 10 minutes. That was a little on the rare side and chewy, but the flavor was very beefy and good. We ate one and had one, unsliced, leftover, to die for. The leftovers provided two meals, a hash and a steak salad. Not bad, and all for about twelve bucks.

I bought the baby Mustard Greens at the Mariquita Farm stand at the Farmers Market. They were sautéed in olive oil for about 5 minutes while the steak was in the oven and then drizzled with a little vinegar. I bought the red and white radishes at the Eatwell Farm stand, and just sliced them raw for a quick, bright, crunchy complement to the greens. I drizzled the good Stonehouse olive oil over the finished plate to enrich and pull everything together.

Ummm good.

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