Jon’s Fallback Sausage Dip

As served at the Party in the Park, Rising Park, Lancaster, Ohio


1 pound Hot Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans Sausage
1 Jar (14 oz) medium heat salsa
1 brick Velveeta (no substitute)

Cook sausage in a pot.
Cube Velveeta and throw it in the pot to melt. Add the salsa and stir everything together.
Serve with something crisp to dip.
Serve on a Hot Dog.
Reserve some for an omlet in the morning.

I’m guessing you can get this recipe, or something like it, on the Kraft Velveeta web site, but it’s so much nicer to scratch it down on the back of an envelope over a glass of wine at the kitchen table.

Salty, spicy, tangy.

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