Eat a Peach

A Grilled Peach

PEACH i.jpgI buy 2 peaches and 1 nectarine each Saturday, in season, at the Farmers Market. I usually pick semi-hard ones, but even then, they ripen quickly if left out on the counter. These are for my breakfasts, along with fresh curd cheese.

After eating the first on Monday, I had to put the remaining peach and the nectarine in the refrigerator to quell the ripening. All this leads to a cold peach, and a cold peach is not to my liking.

“I’ll bet I could grill that sucker.” (Yes, I do talk to myself when I’m alone in the kitchen.)


I peeled the peach—you know how to peel a peach, don’t you? What I do is use my OXO vegetable peeler with a short sawing motion and go ‘round and ‘round the peach. It’s a satisfying process and gets rid of the fuzzy and sometimes bitter skin. I don’t peel nectarines.I heated our non-stick grille pan over medium heat and while it was getting quite hot I cut the peach into 8 wedges. Onto the grille pan they go. Bare. No oil, no sugar.


Sizzle! Sounds good. I let ‘em go for a little over a minute and then turned them over to find these beautiful grille marks savor the peachy aroma. I let ‘em go for another couple minutes. While this was going on, I crumbled some fresh curd cheese in the bottom of a shallow bowl. I removed the peach wedges to the bowl and they were soft and juicy and steaming.

You know how on those cooking shows, when the impresario finishes his or her creation, they taste and smile and make ooooohhhh sounds?

I did that. I really did


One thought on “Eat a Peach

  1. If yer gonna slice up the peach anyway, you may as well peel it with yer fingers; no need to reach for a fancy potato peeler (unless yer getting remunerated for naming brand names of fancy potato peelers, in which case disregard the following). If the peach is anywhere near ripe, you can peel it easily by halving it and then grabbing the peel where stem had attached (it is often wrinkled and loose there). Often the skin will come off in one piece. And no lost peach flesh stuck to the skin.


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