Sunday Supper

Good Eatin’ vi

This is the sixth in an occasional series of Good Eatin’—kind of a sidebar often involving leftovers—where I will describe an easily put together meal that we enjoyed very recently, maybe yesterday.

I think of Sunday Dinner as early afternoon dinner of roast chicken or pot au feu, almost always with guests or extended family. Supper is late and simple, to my mind. On a weekday, dinner is the main meal, around seven o’clock.


Sunday is an active day or a lazy day… the end of a weekend or day-trip to wherever or a day like today where I vegged out on the New York Times and NASCAR from the road course at Infineon Raceway at Sears Point in Sonoma County. I can’t really explain the NASCAR, I never watch NASCAR. But this one is local and it’s like so many turns rather than a stupid oval with all turns left, and there are hills and stuff. Then there’s the five o’clock baseball game on ESPN with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, doesn’t matter who’s playing.

Whatever, Sunday dinner is order-in pizza or Chinese, or leftover something-or-other, something quick that doesn’t require a lot of effort or thought.

On this evening, C wanted to do this salad she saw on Lydia’s Italian American Kitchen show on KQED TV (PBS). We still had some green beans from last week and she wanted to get rid of them. After NASCAR, I went out to get stuff to make a pizza for Monday breakfast. When I stopped by the cheese store for smoked mozzarella, I bought the end of a sopressata piquante, and had them slice it thin. When I got home I started thinking…

Yesterday at the Farmers Market, walking down the central nave, I passed the big wine store. They have tables along the aisle—the kind where you sit on stools with backs—and folks had these wonderful cheese plates and plates of cold meats and pate and thin-sliced salumi, with their bottles of wine.

Why not do something like that for dinner tonight, to go with Carol’s salad? I already have Mt. Tam cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. We opened a bottle of Cline California Syrah, and that’s what we did. Damn, that was good!

Sunday_dinner.jpgClockwise from half-past…
Acme Bread slices from a Rustic Loaf, toasted
Green Beans with Fresh Mozzarella and halved Cherry Tomatoes Salad
Uncured dry aged Pepperoni
Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese
Sopressata Piquante
Black Olives

Now, that’s Good Eatin’

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